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An Example of Biblical Marriage from Adam and Eve.

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When I think of a biblical marriage I think of love that will last a lifetime. I think of an elderly couple walking down the boardwalk arm in arm. The woman still smiles when she looks up at her husband and the man still has a proud expression on his face to be seen with his lovely bride. A vision like that is inspiring and shows me that love can succeed the test of time. However, this will never be the case with many couples today. Instead of love succeeding the test of time, love will come to a screeching halt in divorce court. It is sad, but it is true that over 50% of marriages will end in this way. There has never been a more crucial time to seek the wisdom of God on how to have a biblical marriage.

Let's look at the Biblical example of marriage of Adam and Eve. There is a saying that I have heard preachers talk about called the law of the first mention. The first time a thing or circumstance appears in the Bible we can use it as a pattern to compare other Scripture verses and life situations. Whether it is true or not I do not know but I believe we can learn a lot about biblical marriage by looking at the first example of a marriage in the Bible, Adam and Eve.

The first thing we can learn from Adam and Eve in their biblical marriage is to see marriage as God sees it. God loves marriage; he sees it as a holy thing and a sacred thing. It is just as much His creation as the trees and the stars. Marriage is the first institution ordained by God. Before there was a church, before there was government, God created the family. Strong marriages have been backbone of all successful societies throughout the history of the world. That is why it is so important that we all learn from God's Word his plan for married couples.

When God made Adam and Eve he said that the two shall become one flesh. Becoming one flesh with another human being is not something to be taken lightly. Yet many people today see marriage as something they will try and if it does not work out they can always get out of it. This is not the biblical view of marriage. We must see marriage as Holy Matrimony. We must get back to the idea that what God has joined together let no man put asunder if we are going to get back to the biblical blessing on marriage.

Let God Be Your Matchmaker

Couple in Love

After God created Adam he began looking for a partner for him. (Genesis 2:20) Deciding who to marry is the biggest decision a person will make in their life. It o A Biblical Marriage starts way before the wedding vows. Many people reading this article are probably past this point, but if you are still single, you can benefit from God's matchmaking service. The reason a lot of marriages fail is that they don't let God be the matchmaker. God is still in the matchmaking business, he didn't give that responsibility over to Cupid. God will allow us to chose whoever we like and will not force His will, but if we allow Him, He will direct us through our spirits and show us who we should marry. And oddly enough, if that person is open to God, He will speak to them about you. It's a great deal. When I said, "I Do" to my wife on our wedding day I had no doubt in my heart that she was the one God had picked out for me. God spoke to me and to her in several different ways throughout the time we were friends and when we were dating. In fact, the first time my wife saw me at a distance, God impressed upon her spirit so heavily that I was someone important in her life, that she turned to her friend immediately and said, "Who is that? And why is He so important?" Of couse, she didn't come up and tell me that, because she had never talked to me before. God didn't speak to me the first time I saw her, but as I got to know her God spoke to me in different ways, which confirmed in my heart completely that she was the one for me.

When God was looking for a companion for Adam he said that no suitable helper could be found (Genesis 2:20). Couples who follow the Biblical marriage model are constantly asking themselves: "Am I a suitable helper to my spouse?" Simply put, do you help your spouse on a daily basis. Those who have long happy marriages make a habit of helping the other one with having to be pushed, prodded, or provoked. Whether it be something as small as taking out the trash, or something as large as taking on a second job so that their spouse can continue their education. Married couples were created to help each other in this journey called life. If you want to instantly improve your marriage, find out what your partner would like help on the most and begin helping. You can't take the easy route and say, "I help on lots of other things, that should be enough." Being a suitable helper means that you help your spouse with their greatest needs. The animals in the garden of Eden could have been of help to Adam but none of them were considered suitable helpers by God. God created and designed Eve to be a helper that could and would meet Adam's greatest needs, and vice versa, Adam would be able to help Eve with her greatest needs. Working hard to be a suitable helper to your spouse is essential in having a successful Biblical marriage. When God looks for a suitable helper for your mister or miss right will you measure up as a suitable helper? Many people while they were young spent so much time stressing over relationships and trying to find the right person that they neglected building their own character, talents, and skills. Being a youth minister for nine years has allowed me to see firsthand how dating can waste thousands of hours of valuable time that a young person could spend developing character, talents, and a relationship with God. Instead of discovering themselves and finding out who they really are (which is what they are supposed to be doing during adolescence), they spend countless hours stressing over whether or not he or she likes me and they neglect becoming that person God wants them to be. God made Eve just for Adam and God will mold and make us for that perfect someone if we let Him. A biblical marriage starts way before the wedding vows are said.

Matches Made in Paradise Have Problems Too


Just because you are with your perfect match, it doesn't mean that you will have no problems. When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit things got real ugly real fast. They lost their home in the Garden of Eden, Adam lost his good job tending the Garden of Eden and would now have to work a tough job earning his food by the sweat of his brow, Eve would have health problems by experience great pain in giving birth and to top it all off Adam blamed Eve for all of it by telling God that woman that you gave me made me eat it.

Now if anything could break up a good marriage, an experience like that could. Perhaps in your marriage, you have experienced some strenuous circumstances. Odds are that if you live on planet earth you have more than one strenuous circumstance and probably your spouse even blamed you for it or you blamed them. In these circumstances we must follow the biblical marriage example of Adam.

The Bible says in Genesis 3:30, "Adam named his wife Eve, because she would become the mother of all the living." You see, Adam gave his wife a good name. He could have held on to his bitterness and talked to all his buddies about all the bad things she had done. He could have talked ugly about her and completely smeared her name. But instead Adam took a higher path. I truly believe that after much thinking and talking that Adam and Eve, because of their love for each other, forgave each other. It makes no sense otherwise for Adam to give his wife such a good name. She technically, brought death into the world by eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam could have given her a name that meant she brought death. Instead he gave her a wonderful name that means she gives life. In a biblical marriage the spouse always upholds the name of their mate.

The Bible goes on to say about Adam and Eve in Genesis 5:3-5, "When Adam had lived 130 years, he had a son in his own likeness, in his own image; and he named him Seth. After Seth was born, Adam lived 800 years and had other sons and daughters. Altogether, Adam lived 930 years, and then he died." (NIV) Adam and Eve were possibly together for around 900 years. If that is not love succeeding the test of time, I don't know what is. God's model for biblical marriage works. It worked for Adam and Eve and it will work your you and your spouse.

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